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September 26, 2005 by swimnfly
To Evacuate or Not to Evacuate, A Tough Question

Well, Houston. I take my hat off to you. You watched New Orleans do everything wrong. So you decided to get out of town instead of staying to face what was predicted to be a hurricane as bad as Katrina. Even though you weren't below sea level with levees holding back a lake of water, you remember lots of people drowning when Allison came through town. You listened to authoritie...
September 6, 2005 by swimnfly
Okay, I'm going to do the list thing.

These are things to do instead of traveling far from home. Every year, I take my kids to the family timeshare at the beach, just after school starts. The gas prices are the icing on the cake. I just don't feel like driving 3 hours to get to the beach. So I asked the kids what they would most miss doing. So far, we've found comparable things to do within 20-30 minutes away. So I thought I would share with you my findings and some other ideas I had. Our ...